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5 Social Media Platforms for Photography

Where the photographic online community can learn and practice their digital photography and post-production skills.

Social media channels open an avenue of opportunities for photographing skills and let you showcase your talent to the world. Many different social media platforms today offer different types of audience and serve a different purpose. For those who just started building their online presence as a photographer, here are some of the best social media platforms that can help you to facilitate your growth and achieve your goals through the power of connection, share and innovation.


Facebook for who’s  interested in community building and giving the work the exposure it needs, Facebook is a great platform. There are more than a billion users of Facebook, from different walks of life.


SF – Aitana Comas

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms today. Instagram is all about photos and videos. It is a great way to engage the audience and provide them with fresh work. 


Salesforce – Aitana Comas

Behance It’s an online showcase of work by photographers, designers, illustrators and artists. This creative community can help to meet clients who will be ready to use services and give the exposure needed.


Civic Centre SF – with Aitana Comas

Pinterest is an inspirational platform. Photographers and bloggers on a pro level make use of this platform to build their businesses through backlinks on this social media platform.


ph – Aitana Comas

Trover It’s a community of travel lovers, with accurate destinations photographers post pictures of the places and share the location with other users so when they visit it’s easy to find.

Gael – PH by Aitana Comas

I personally use Pinterest most of the times, because I find a lot of inspiration by scrolling the home. Which is your favourite and why? xoxo


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