Conversation with an Olympian Daniela Ceccarelli about Colmar

Daniela Ceccarelli Super-G Olympic Gold Medal talks about Colmar

Colmar is an Italian family-business with a history of more than 90 years. Brand’s main focus is on sports items, mostly for skiing but they do have also a lifestyle, outdoor, and a golf line.

Who is Daniella Ceccarelli?

Daniela Ceccarelli is an Italian former Alpine skier. In 2002, she won the Olympic gold medal in the Super-G in Salt Lake City (USA). Today Daniela is an Italian Ski Instructor, that works as a journalist at the Ladies World Cup, and cooperates as Promoter for Colmar, Invicta, Blizzard, and Tecnica. Daniela is a testimonial for Colmar since 2010, after her professional career as a skier. She started collaborating with the TV as a sports commentator, and she made her first appearances at the finish line of the ski races. It is with this visibility when Colmar noticed and liked her image, her vision of the sport, and the way she was talking about this sport with elegancy, femininity, and a desire to be a woman.

Daniela Ceccarelli, In 2002, she won the Olympic gold medal in the Super-G in Salt Lake City (USA).

Daniela explains that the brand distinguishes itself from competitors in two ways:

  • The first is the fitting, the way the clothes stretch and they adapt to the physicality of the body especially because when she skies she bends almost touching the snow and the pants have to be comfy and stretchy to allow the movements.
  • The second is about the heat. She is very thin, she gets cold easily but Colmar has the right jackets with high technical performance fabrics. Three-layered two-way stretch elastic fabric, combined with lightweight jersey fabric. Fully heat-sealed and laminated with a breathable and waterproof technical membrane. The garment also boasts Recco® reflectors which allow the wearer to be traced in the event of an avalanche.

Elegance, minimalistic style, high technical performance, are some of the strengths that make the brand famous all over the world.
Even though they recently launched the new Freeride line, that stands out with its camouflage-print colourblock design, thinking of a younger target audience.
Colmar also came out with Technologic that is the bright limited edition capsule collection that pays homage to the iconic Colmar jacket from the 90s.

Colmar focuses mainly on ski clothing, lifestyle jackets, and lastly, on golf clothing. That’s where Daniela usually gets her fitness clothing from. “For my fitness training, I use Polo T-shirts from the Golf collection. They have a modern fit and stretch a lot, that’s what makes them comfortable.”

As a testimonial of the brand, she has an active role inside the improvements of the materials or the development of the ski pro collections that are only dedicated to ski clubs and ski schools.
The main focus stands on the combination of the aesthetic parts and the performances of the technical materials with a particular focus on differentiating the female shape by adding more details into the composition.

Daniela also took part in the “In caso di” advertising spot for Colmar last summer. Where they celebrated the Fall/Winter 2019 collection with all his ambassadors and athletes, like Christian Ghedina, Alexis Pinturault and Tina Weirather.

“I can’t place myself within the influencer world… but if we talk about ski I definitely am an influencer because I talk all around about ski and mountains. I work with amateurs, athletes, and as a commentator for the TV Rai. So for the company, I’m an important voice for the market.”

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